Tony Gentilcore

Because heavy things won't lift themselves

Contraindicated Lifters vs. Contraindicated Exercises

I like to think that as a strength coach I’m wiser now than I was ten, five, hell, even two years ago. There’s stuff that I poo-poo’ed back in the day, only to do a complete 180 later on once I got past my own prejudices and got my head out of my own ass. […]

Pimp Your Program Design

Today I have a killer guest post by strength coach, future Dr., good friend, and specializer in all things glutes, Bret Contreras. Getting good (or even adequate) at designing effective training programs takes time. There are a lot of theories and opinions out there on the topic, and in today’s post Bret shares some insight […]

The “X-Factor” When It Comes to Convincing Women to Lift Weights?

What an awesome weekend. Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this post, I first wanted to offer my gratitude to Randy Martin and his staff over at POWER Fargo for not only inviting me to speak but for being amazing hosts during the 3rd Annual Sanford POWER Strength and Conditioning Clinic. Not only […]

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 4/11/14

As most of you are reading this, I’m currently on my way to Fargo, Minnesota to present at the Sanford POWER Strength & Conditioning Clinic this weekend. UPDATE:  to say I’m ass, and realized after having landed and met my ride that I was in NORTH DAKOTA and not Minnesota. It’s my first extended stay […]