Tony Gentilcore

Because heavy things won't lift themselves

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Barbell Overhead Shrug

One of the main bullet points I hit on last weekend while in London was that many of the same movement distortions and predictable postural imbalances we see in overhead athletes manifest themselves in the general fitness population as well. Specially, when we take someone with a extensive history of lifting heavy things – a […]

How My Favorite Movie of the Year (So Far) Holds the Key to Fitness Success

I’ve always joked that if I weren’t a strength coach I’d try to figure out some way to get paid to watch movies. Scratch that. First, I’d figure out a way to get paid to be a Victoria Secret photo shoot poolside cabana boy; second, professional baseball player; third, grizzly bear tamer (cause why not?); […]

Squat Patterning 101: How to Clean Up Your Squat. Like a Boss

As  many of you know I spent the last five days over in London along with my good friend and partner in crime, Dean Somerset, taking a group of trainers, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts through our 2-day Excellent High-Five Workshop. It was an amazing few days, and an even more amazing experience as it was […]

Where I Am

I spent a lot of time alone as a kid. Part of it was due to my personality. I’m an introvert through and through. Part of it was because I was the middle child. My sister is six years older than me and when we were younger she was more into Rick Springfield, denim, and […]