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3 Not-So-Common Mistakes Athletes Make

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It’s a fairly self-explanatory title, with a fairly self-explanatory premise:  Athletes, like everyone else, make mistakes.  However, in giving a bit of a spoiler alert (and what I hope will be an enticing attempt for you to click on the link), I don’t cover your run-of-the-mill mistakes in this most recent article I wrote for Stack Magazine.

I don’t discuss set and rep schemes, nor do I discuss exercise technique. I don’t touch on the importance of making better food choices, and while it’s arguably the most important factor (and most overlooked), I don’t belabor how crucial it is to instill appropriate recovery methods (hydration, sleep, soft tissue work, puppy dog kisses, etc).

All that stuff – while important – are always talked about and debated and written about ad nauseam. I wanted to take a different route – you could say “the road less travelled” – and bring to light some other things that come into play when broaching the topic of mistakes (young) athletes make.

You know, stuff like not instilling a sense of work ethic, battling entitlement, or going waaaaaaaay too long before washing their jock strap.

Okay maybe not the last one, but I do feel that my soap box rant may strike a chord with some athletes and parents of athletes. At least that’s my goal.

It’s a quick read, but I’d love to hear some feedback to see if anyone else agrees with my thought process.


3 Not-So-Common Mistakes Athletes Make (<—Click Me)

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  • John J Brooks

    I don’t know what it is, but these mistakes are so prevalent. I am not sure if it’s worse here in Seattle vs St. Louis, or if it’s just gotten worse over time, but I’ve worked with kids trying to wrestle 9 months out of the year, but they can’t skip.
    It’s almost like we should have a class where kids learn to move and play games. Try out sports and get a basic understanding of the principles of training and how their bodies respond to exercise (or the lack there of) This “Physical Education” could be offered at schools.

  • Coach Stevo

    “The day you decide to specialize, you have started an 8 year clock. If you are not elite in 8 years, you never will be.” – Dan John. Another dangerous mistake is thinking that hard work trumps talent. No, talent and hard work trump everything.

  • Andie Jones

    Just completed reading your article Tony, I appreciate the way you have described your views. Being a fitness instructor I have also experienced such mistakes that were often committed by the people. Indeed it is necessary for them to stay focused and work on several areas that you have highlighted.
    Thanks for sharing your views..

  • Shane Mclean

    Nice piece buddy. Your also turning into a blog writing cyborg like you mate. Good stuff.

    • TonyGentilcore

      Thanks Shane – appreciate the kind words.

      • Shane Mclean

        your welcome. Love your stuff.


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