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Building a Superhuman Core

Nowadays you seemingly can’t walk more than 15 feet without crossing paths with a CrossFit gym.  Along those same lines, you can’t go more than five clicks (it’s like the internet’s version of the Kevin Bacon game!) before you view some iteration of a “core training” article espousing anything from six-minute abs to improved posture […]

Nailed It: Ass-Kicking With Nothing But a Kettlebell

Note from TG:  Still on vacation.  Lisa dragged me zip-lining yesterday.  I almost destroyed the back of my pants.  But it ended up being so much fun! That is all.   Enjoy this awesome guest post by current Cressey Performance intern, James Cerbie (who happened to write THIS very popular article on push-ups a few […]

4 Little Known Tips to Increase Your Squat

Today’s guest post comes from a very good colleague of mine, Jordan Syatt.  Jordan actually interned for us at Cressey Performance a few years ago and since has gone on to do some pretty fantastic things in the industry. Not only is he one of the more passionate coaches I’ve ever met, but he’s just […]

Two Components to Deadlifting Success

- “One thing I could do….was finger roll.” So said George “Iceman” Gervin in the classic mid-90s Nike commercial featuring Tim Hardaway, David Robinson, and pretty much the coolest barbershop known to man. For a little taste of nostalgia you can watch the video HERE. Now, I’m not an ex-NBA legend.  I might be able […]