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Male vs. Female (Fitness) Double Standards

I just got done watching last night’s episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the opening bit, as always, was hilarious……but there was also an important commentary on societal stereotypes concerning women in politics. In a nutshell, Chelsea Clinton (Hillary’s daughter) let if be known to the world that she’s expecting her first […]

Contraindicated Lifters vs. Contraindicated Exercises

I like to think that as a strength coach I’m wiser now than I was ten, five, hell, even two years ago. There’s stuff that I poo-poo’ed back in the day, only to do a complete 180 later on once I got past my own prejudices and got my head out of my own ass. […]

Help Cressey Performance Support The One Fund Boston

It goes without saying that last year’s Boston Marathon will forever be singed in our memories as a pretty crappy day. This is especially true for those who were directly affected by the horrific events that transpired. Indeed the entire country shared in the horror, but as someone who lives in Boston (my apartment is […]

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: 4/7/14

1.  I don’t know about you, but I had an awesome weekend. No, I didn’t become an inaugural member of the Masters of the Universe.  No, I didn’t win a million dollars in a cereal eating contest.  And no, I didn’t practice karate with Matt Damon in my garage. As many of you know, I […]