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How To Do the Top 8 Back Exercises

Upper Back T-Nation

Six pack abs and biceps don’t really impress me that much.  I can walk into any commercial gym in the country or peruse an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog and see plenty of dudes with both.

Not that I go out of my way to flip through an A&F catalog on a regular basis or anything – the chances I’d be able to fit into a pair of their jeans is about as high as me reading a Nicholas Sparks novel or washing all the dishes that are currently in the sink.

Which is to say, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

But not for nothing….cashmere sweaters are on sale this month.  Holla!

Speaking candidly:  Whenever I see someone with a thick, muscular back I know that they’ve put in their time in the weight room.

Likewise, it’s pretty rare for someone to have an impressive back and be weak. Chances are they’re stronger than a bulldozer.

In any case, in my latest article for T-Nation I dive into some of my favorite back-building exercises.  Some you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with – albeit technique may leave a lot to be desired – while others may be a “new to you” variation.

Enjoy (and I’d love to hear your comments).

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  • Chuck

    Tony, I can row more than I can bench. Does this qualify me as a badass? (Insert smartass smilie here!)

    • TonyGentilcore

      Well, you’re in rare company that’s for sure.