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Grass Fed Beef, Kids Don’t Eat Veggies (shocker), and a Little Old School Flavor

Here are my weekly picks of stuff you should read: Why Grass Fed? A Little History- A client of mine sent this my way this morning, and it definitely provides a strong case for why grass fed beef is far superior to the crap we usually eat (literally). 9 in 10 Guys Will Inevitably […]

I Can Read!

I’m blatantly stealing this idea from Eric, and decided I would hop on the “hey, I’m reading some cool stuff.,….you should read it too” bandwagon. Do You Know Your Shit Part I- Elliott Hulse Literally, do you know your shit? Listen, I like discussing the finer points of droppin it like it’s hot as much […]

Ever Wonder What New Food I’ve Been Eating? Yeah, I Thought So. Well, I’m Posting It Anyways. It’s My Blog, Deal With It.

Like everyone else out there, I’m a creature of habit. As it is, I wake up the same time every day, have a rotation of the same three t-shirts I wear every week (much to my girlfriend’s dismay), like to eat at the same restaurants, and always put my right sock on before my left. […]

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Spiderman Push-Ups

We do a lot of push-ups at Cressey Performance. As far as “bang for your training buck” exercises, I’d place push-ups right up there with squats, deadlifts, and chin-ups (to name a few). Unfortunately, and not at all surprising, push-ups typically get ignored all together because they’re deemed “too wimpy” compared to what else- the […]