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Because heavy things won't lift themselves

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday

1. After posting a video of my PR deadlift on Friday, I got a lot of emails and messages on Facebook congratulating me. Thanks to all you wrote me! What’s interesting is that while I’m pretty happy with the lift, I know I left some in the tank. Mike Robertson actually e-mailed me later that […]

Leading You Into the Weekend….

I know I promised I’d post my deadlift video last night, but given that I was having trouble walking the rest of the day- which made coaching athletes a bit challenging- I drove home afterwards, and went straight to bed. Which is to say, I cried myself to sleep. On the bright side, I’m feeling […]

Test Day

Hmmmmm, what to write about today. Glute medius function and how it relates to anterior knee pain? Naw. Why I think guys who do ballistic barbell shrugs with 1/8 of an inch ROM (what’s the point? ) should perform a vasectomy with a Power Ranger action figure? Nope, not today. However, I’ll definitely hit on […]

Functional Strength Coach 3.0. Unlike Matrix Revolutions, a Sequel That Doesn’t Suck

It goes without saying that Mike Boyle is “kind of a big deal” in the fitness industry. Sure, I have written a few articles , have a fairly popular blog, and am the co-owner of a pretty kick ass strength and conditioning facility. But when it comes to really big names in the industry; those […]