Tony Gentilcore

Because heavy things won't lift themselves

You Made It!

You didn’t really think I’d send you to a NSFW website did you? So, here it is, my new blog. From here on out this will serve as ‘homebase’ for all of my content. Welcome! I have to admit, this wasn’t my first choice for a domain name. Nope. After a thorough study group, it […]

It’s Monday, but It’s Still Random

Kind of short on time today, but wanted to fill everyone in on some updates: 1. You may recall last week when I casually mentioned I’ll be switching over to my own site in the very near future. To review, the new site is going to serve as “homebase” for all of my content, including […]

Stuff I’m Reading, Have Read, or Going to Read. I’m Smart

With the extended holiday weekend upon us, I’m copping out today and keeping this post short and sweet. But lets be honest, no one is at work today anyways, so the likelihood that anyone other than my mother will read this before Tuesday is slim to none. Also, before I go, I just wanted to […]

A Day In the Life of Tony’s Gastrointestinal Tract, Part II

First off, I love this comment left this morning by “Orthorexic” in my original post from the other day: yeah! No carbZ and tonZ of vegetables. Oh, actually some carbZ but only from an insanely obscure ancient, secrect, lost grain that won’t make teh insulinZ spike and make you fat. Jonny Bowden is a supplement […]