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Because heavy things won't lift themselves

Muggles Getting Jacked

Anyone who’s read mine or Eric’s articles will know how much we preach the importance of training environment as it relates to success in the gym. Simply put, it’s kinda hard to get fired up for max effort bench when you’re surrounded by housewives waving around their pink dumbbells and Celine Dion is blaring over […]

Q and A: My Ankle Has An Ouchie, Can I Still Train?

Q: Long-time listener, first-time caller. You probably get a ton of emails, and I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so I’ll keep this short. A few weeks ago, I suffered what the doctor called a moderate/severe high-ankle sprain playing basketball. He put me on crutches for weeks, and I’m in […]

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday

I’m not going to lie, we’ve had a miserable summer up here in New England. I think there were three days in all of June where it wasn’t cloudy and/or didn’t rain. Similarly, July hasn’t been that much better- although this past weekend we had two straight days of sun. Woo hoo! Needless to say, […]

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Barbell Roll-Out w/Push-Up

During my down times at CP, I can be found doing one of several things: 1. Writing programs 2. Eating and/or thinking about dead furry animals 3. Walking around the facility re-enacting the “I will find you, and I will kill you” monologue from Taken. 4. Seeing how long I can go playing techno over […]