Tony Gentilcore

Because heavy things won't lift themselves

Morning Cup of Vomiting In My Mouth (Cans of Soup Get You Strong!!!)

During my 35-40 minute drive (both ways) to work everyday, if I’m not getting my Louie DeVito on, I’m usually listening to one of my favorite talk radio stations- 96.9 WTKK, Boston’s Talk Evolution. In particular, I often listen to Michele McPhee and her Outrage of the Day. Granted she hasn’t updated her blog in […]

Q and A: To Deload or Not to Deload. That Is the Question.

Q: If possible I was hoping to get your quick take on how many athletes achieve the advanced status that would likely necessitate de-loading by intensity- that is, if you had to give an educated estimate. Some coaches have said that the vast majority of lifters never really progress beyond that intermediate stage, so I […]

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday (My Mom Yelled At Me Edition)

It seems I committed the cardinal sin of blogging last week- and people are pissed. While I appreciated the notes and emails from various readers telling me to get my butt in gear and update the blog (I love you too everyone), it wasn’t until I called my mom last week to check in, that […]

Academic Quarantine

It’s 6:35 in the morning as I type this, and I’m just finishing up the omelet I made for breakfast. In about 25 minutes, I’ll be wondering what in the the hell am I doing up this early heading out the door to Agganis Arena at Boston University to spend the day with 20+ other […]