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Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/8/14

Before I get to this week’s list, I wanted to run something past all of you. Many of you know that I run a Premium Workout Group on And if you didn’t, now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Goooooooo Joe! Here’s the deets:  there are a lot of people out there […]

The Weakling’s Guide to Working Out

As you’ll undoubtedly see if you decide to read the entire article (and why wouldn’t you?), some trainees place the cart before the horse and make things more complicated than they have to be. Rocket science is hard. Long division is hard. Figuring out why women love Hugh Grant movies is hard. Lifting weights should not […]

The Women’s Fitness Summit

Way back in May I made the trek out to Kansas City, Missouri* to take part in The Fitness Summit. It’s an annual gathering of both fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts which has seemingly grown in popularity year in and year out, and has earned the reputation as one of the “go to” fitness events […]

Walking With Purpose

Today’s guest post is brought to you by current Cressey Sports Performance intern, resident practicing veterinarian, and lover of all things lifting heavy, Hannah Wellman. You heard me correctly. Hannah is indeed a veterinarian; an equine veterinarian as a matter of fact. She’s originally from Australia, worked in the U.S for several years (in Kentucky […]