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Because heavy things won't lift themselves

5 Life Lessons Learned From Powerlifting

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Tim Henriques. Tim’s someone whom I’ve followed a lot on sites like T-Nation because I admire his no-frills, no BS approach to training.  He’s also someone I respect a ton because not only is he a phenomenal coach, but he’s also deadlifted 700 lbs at a bodyweight […]

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/6/14

Sorry gotta keep this quick today.  I just got done coaching bootcamps and I’ve got a 1PM appointment to get to, which only leaves me 30 minutes to post this, take a shower, solve some long division, and then try to catch the T.  Ahhhhhhhhh. 9 Essential Strength Benchmarks for Women – Patrick Striet Loved […]

Sam Bennett Can’t Do a Pull-Up? He’ll Be Just Fine.

I’ll be honest right out of the gate:  I don’t follow hockey, let alone watch it. Truth be told I’ve never even been to a live hockey event. I’ve lived in Boston for around seven years now, and the only time I’ve ever stepped foot in TD Garden – where both the Bruins (NHL – […]

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Paused Deadlift

I know this is going to come across as weird or unconventional to some of my loyal readers, and if you’re one of them (or if not, welcome!  I hope you stay awhile) you may wonder if my website was hacked into today by someone playing a practical joke.  I assure you it wasn’t, but […]