Tony Gentilcore

Because heavy things won't lift themselves


From People Who Are Kind of a Big Deal


Mike Boyle“Tony is a great writer and trainer. I fully expect to see and read great things from this guy in the years to come.”

Mike Boyle
World renowned strength coach- Boston, MA


Alwyn Cosgrove“Tony Gentilcore is a star in the fitness industry. Real life in the trenches coaching experience, real world sports and under-the-bar experience combined with an unparalleled passion for knowledge is a perfect recipe for his guaranteed successes with this clients. I was a fan of his work before I met him, and after meeting him, I am a fan of him as a person; an all around class act.”

Alwyn Cosgrove
Owner Results Fitness, Santa Clarita, CA


Cassandra Forsythe“Tony is the voice of reason when it comes to exercise and nutrition information. He is one of the few people who actually know how diet and training manipulations can improve body composition and health because he works with these slight changes in his own diet and training every day.

“When Tony writes about a topic on any fitness or training medium, you can trust that he really knows what he’s talking about. If you’re looking for an honest and effective consultant, Tony is the man for you.”

Cassandra Forsythe PhD, MS Nutrition


Mike Robertson“While many trainers are content to talk about their ’success’ or label themselves as an ‘expert’, Tony is a guy who lets his results speak for themselves.

“Tony has an intimate knowledge of the human body and how it works; however, what’s truly special is his ability to take this knowledge and apply to the clients and athletes he works with. Tony Gentilcore is quickly becoming one of the go-to resources in the strength and conditioning field. Remember his name.”

Mike Robertson MA, CSCS
Co-Founder I-FAST


Eric Cressey“Perhaps the single best compliment one trainer or strength coach can give to another is the trust to work with one’s clients and athletes; there are very few individuals in this industry to whom I would entrust my clients and athletes’ training in my absence. Tony Gentilcore is one such trainer; I would trust him unequivocally with anyone whom I work. Tony is remarkable in not only his passion for seeking out the most cutting-edge training and nutrition information available, but also in his ability to immediately apply this new found knowledge to get rapid results with those with whom he works. I’m fortunate to be able to call him a friend, colleague, and business partner.”

Eric Cressey MA, CSCS
Co-Founder/President Cressey Performance

“If I have a gift, if I have a super power – it’s knowing who’s good in this business. This guy’s good.”

TC Luoma
Editor, Testosterone Magazine

From People Who I Threatened Additional Sled Pushes In Their Next Program If They Didn’t Say Something Nice

I first started working with Tony (remotely) in May 2011. At the time I had fallen into the mother of all training funks and was fat, unfit and weak. My joints were creaking and my low back would frequently call me a wanker. In Tony’s own words, we set about “getting my mojo back” and within a couple of weeks I had improved my mobility, built some strength back up and regained some motivation to train. Many months on, and while I’m still a bit of a fat bastard, I’m pretty confident I could chase down, wrestle, kill, butcher, cook and eat most small mammals thanks to his training programs.

Tony also applied his coaching skills to powerlifting and coached me through my first competition in over a year, where I smashed the shit out of my squat PB and chalked up some nice bests in the deadlift and total as well.

Throughout our time together (romantic music plays here), Tony has always been astonishingly quick to reply to my emails, and has responded thoughtfully to my almost endless questions with patience, grace and wit.

As well as being a badass coach, TG is a seriouslycool dude and I would count him as a good friend. I do not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who is looking to increase their general strength, conditioning, mobility and badassery.

Gareth Ellis
British Guy, Rugby Player, Powerlifter – Oxford, UK

I began distance-training with Tony shortly after learning I was pregnant with my second child.  With his excellent programming, I ended my pregnancy much fitter and stronger than when I began it.  How many women can say that?  Thanks to this training, my delivery was fast and easy (only 20 mins pushing despite sunny side up baby), and
with doctor approval, I was back in the gym two days after I returned
home from the hospital.

Tony has been instrumental in helping me reach my goals.  He helped me prepare for and pass the RKC kettlebell certification 7 months after I had my baby.  He took my kettlebell work into account when designing my program, and he never put me in a position where I was over-trained or under-recovered.  And then most recently, Tony and I worked
together to help me, FINALLY, get my first chin-up — 10 days before my goal date of December 31.

We’re now working on an entirely new set of targets.  Some involve power, some involve conditioning, and all involve commitment.  With Tony’s creative programming and supportive encouragement, I don’t have any doubt that I will reach them all.

Laura McNally
Lawyer, Mom, General Badass – Chicago, IL

“I began working with Tony during the busiest year of my life. Between finishing grad school, moving, starting a new job, and becoming a new dad, fitting in time to train was a challenge. Through all of it, Tony was always ready with a phenomenal program to get me to my goals of getting healthy, strong, and lean.

“Whether training at home or in a commercial gym, with unlimited time to train or only a few hours a week, Tony’s programs are always right on point.

“Technology today makes distance training a breeze. A digital camera and an internet connection allows for nearly instant feedback on lifting form. Tony has an endless library of exercise videos for instruction, and anytime I need a demonstration not in his library he’ll film it and e-mail the video within a day. While nothing is as informative or fun as dropping in on Cressey Performance to train in person, Tony makes online program design a very close second.”

Michael Davis
New Dad and Notre Dame Fan (haha) – Maine

“The reason I began training under Tony’s guidance was that I worked at an office, sitting for a great portion of the day. From reading his articles and blog, I knew Tony understood the challenges of office workers.

“In the time I worked with Tony, he helped me correct a nagging glute injury and kept me injury-free. My form for my squat, deadlift and bench press improved appreciably and the weight I pushed and pulled increased as well. I still employ the tips and tricks Tony taught me and I credit him for helping me build my strong weight-training foundation. I have no doubt that working with Tony will keep me lifting weights and staying healthy and fit for many years to come.

“However, the best thing I can say about working with Tony is this: Ask me, ‘Would you hire him again?’ Yes, absolutely.”

 Michael Czobit
Toronto, ON

“Tony Gentllcore knows his stuff!  I love the fact that he is constantly trying to bettr himself by furthering his knowledge and education.  He is never satisfied with average results and works hard to benefit his clients.  Tony “shoots from the hip,” no feather fluffing here.  Just honest coaching and counseling which is exactly why I hired him.  Tony puts great effort into my programs and I no lomger question what I am doing in the gym.  I just trust the workouts and focus on what I need to do.  The results have been amazing!  Life changing actually.  I am in the best shape of my life, healthy, strong, and feel fantastic.”

Brenda Parkin

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“I can’t recommend distance training with Tony Gentilcore strongly enough. I knew I didn’t need a rep counting, “per session” personal trainer to help me achieve my goals. My back hurt, my hips hurt, my knees hurt, and I lacked strength. Tony Gentilcore did, in one in-person assessment and subsequent distance coaching, what a physical therapist and a big stack of training books couldn’t: he made me pain free and made me stronger.

“His training method isn’t just for professional athletes. He got right down to my level, programmed to my needs, and worked with me along every step of the way. Why pay someone to count reps and watch you plank when you can pay a professional like Tony Gentilcore to write an individual program based on your needs, answer your questions, and be responsive to your training journey? From a cost-benefit perspective, distance training with Tony is a classic no-brainer.”

Michael Harriman
Boston, MA