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Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Bar Speed, Introverts, Charlie Weingroff Seminar

1. One of the funniest conversations I ever had in the gym happened like two years ago when one of our football guys – who’s since become a great friend and is now in law school – was prepping for an “open” NFL Combine. Having had a successful collegiate career and even spending some time… Read more

Diagnosing Limiting Factors to Speed Development

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of long-time friend (and current Head Performance Coach for the Boston Bruins) Kevin Neeld. His new resource, Speed Training For Hockey, is now available. Kevin knows how to train hockey players. However, the information below can be applied to any athlete. In short: when it comes to making someone faster… Read more

The 3 S’s of Hybrid Training: How to Increase Speed, Size, and Strength

There aren’t many coaches out there who are as “diverse” as Nick Tumminello. He’s equal parts meathead and evidence based, which basically means he can sit at any table he wants to in the proverbial high-school cafeteria. It doesn’t matter if it’s with the cool-kids, football players, hipsters, Honor Society, or theater nerds…Nick’s “in” with… Read more

Yet Another Reason to Include Barbell Glute Bridges Into Your Program

Like many boys during that time in their life, I was a Boy Scout when I was 10-13 years old. Dedicated to train youths to become responsible, altruistic citizens, building character, and self-reliance through participation in a wide variety of outdoor activities, educational programs, and community events…the Boy Scouts is definitely something I cherished when… Read more

Spectrums of Absolute Strength vs. Absolute Speed

Today’s guest post comes to you via strength coach, Adam Rees, owner of GRITGym located in Iowa City, Iowa (the home state of one Capt. James T. Kirk, thank you very much). I’ve long championed the notion that strength is the foundation for everything else.  You can’t have power, agility, endurance, a great hair day,… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Deadlift Battle Final, Deadlift Dynamite, and Speed Work

1.  First things first: I just want to take a few words to say THANK YOU to any servicemen or servicewomen (past or current) who may be sitting there reading this. I think we take A LOT for granted in this country, and it’s my hope that EVERYONE reading will take a  moment to recognize… Read more

The Case of the Missing Barbells

Lets get one thing straight, before there was Harry Potter, the greatest literary icon to any 8-12 year old boy was Encyclopedia Brown. When I was kid I used to be an avid reader of those Encyclopedia Brown books. During the school year, I remember always being so excited to head down to the school’s… Read more

The Art of the Indicator Set

The 21st century has graced us with a bevy of technological advances: High-speed internet. Telescopes that now treat us to images of Black Holes Nanotechnology to help improve manufacturing, healthcare, climate change, and agriculture. Pizza crust made out of cauliflower. The health/fitness sector has also benefitted. Trainers have the ability to work with clients from… Read more