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Because heavy things won't lift themselves

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 6/30/14

Not to rub it in or anything, but as this post is going live I’m in route heading to Cancun, Mexico for a week of: A.  Vitamin D intoxication B.   Poolside reading C.   Crushing fresh guacamole and chips. And tacos. And nachos.* D.  Tequila** E.   Reacting scenes from the movie Desperado. FYI: […]

The Rule of 90%: 2.0

The rule of 90% can be applied to almost anything. One of the best examples, with special emphasis to health and wellness, stems from Dr. John Berardi and the crew over at Precision Nutrition. Simply stated, if you eat “clean” or follow the rules 90% of the time, good things tend to happen. By focusing the […]

Do Assessments “Need” to Be New and Exciting?

I’ve been doing a lot more traveling this past year.  Some for pleasure, mostly for work, but sometimes I’m fortunate and get to combine the two which is always cool. In the past two months alone I’ve been to Cortland, NY (which doesn’t really count since that’s basically my home town), Fargo, North Dakota, and […]

10 Must Do’s to Stay Athletic (Part 2)

Before we get to Part 2 of James’ guest post from yesterday, a few things: 1.  You should read Part 1 if you haven’t already. This isn’t like The Matrix Reloaded or Revolutions or anything where, if you didn’t watch the original Matrix, you’d be throwing your hands up in the air wondering what WTF is […]